Barcelona: prison sentence has been sent to Spanish Utyubber for making fun (Prank) video. He joked a homeless person to throw and paste tooth cream in a Ori biscuit, and made his video.

In this way the poor homeless of the biscuits had vanished on which people reacted very seriously.

The 21st-year-old Uttewberb Kunghua Ren of Spain, is a famous YouTube channel and has been sentenced to 15 months in prison on Friday. According to local newspapers, Kanghua demonstrated ‘moral drowsiness’ and joked a poor homeless person, putting the biscuit cream place toothpaste, and he was able to get rid of poor people.

The court has issued orders to shut down its YouTube and social media channel, while committing UVWber to order the victim to spend $ 22,000.

But till now, it was not known whether or not Ryan would really be punished or not, because according to the Spanish law, if the offender has committed a crime for the first time and has been punished for two years, Also keeps it

Gunghua Ren started a video on YouTube at the age of 19 and has far more than 12 million followers. Although he had given 20 homeless to the homeless person, but he had called his video a bad joke, but he earned a 2000 euros from the video.