This is an area of Spain where such houses appear to be such a strange and poor mountain that can not be seen by looking at them, but seeing them, it seems like if they try to live in If the person goes away, then the person living in this effort will die and die. The steps will be taken to surprise you in stepping up in the afternoon.

In Spain, where you get a lot of blessings, you will also call you a wonderful and ancient city Setenil de las Bodegas, where a two-thirds of the population inhabitants of a rocket live with great satisfaction. You believe it or not, but it is true that most people prefer to live in this area with their own desire, because they have been naturally natural, and for them the historic city is very attractive within them. It is because it is the only unique and unique place in the world where you do not have to build anything to live, but its natural and ancient mountains look like the ones falling on the head, from among them The best part is that they get naturally built. To build these wonderful houses neither you will need a ceiling or the walls, but have to do some construction work, or modify it, make the rest and make it in a very short time. The house will be ready.

Then, these hill chains have provided such houses with heat, cold, rain and snowflow that if these houses were built somewhere, they had to do enough work to prevent seasons, with heat and snowfall. It had to be specially managed to prevent rain. One idea is that people here are not from today but also from pre-history, and this place is their favorite residential place from which they prefer not to go anywhere or in their place preferring any other area or place. Let’s

This ancient coastal city, located in the province of Cádiz in southwestern Spain, has a great historical significance. This city is famous and well-known throughout the world regarding its awesome mountainous hills, residences and mountain buildings, because its houses, its towns and buildings are rocky rocks ahead of these hill edges and corners. Or on the hills of the hills. These are unique to the mountainous terrain. According to the 2005 census here, the city population comprises approximately 3,016 people. This small town named Setenil de las Bodegas is situated 157 km or 98 miles in the northeast of Cádiz. The city’s separate and distinct style building is such that is made with a narrow and thin river pit. This city is spread far away with Rio Trejo, as well as some houses also built on rocky rock walls or pistols which have expanded natural caves on one side and as well as above The construction of houses has also created a strange beauty in which a natural outer wall or firewall is also present.

This city, called Setenil, is a unique city in the world, which is of great reputation for the production of meat, many of the most beautiful and beautiful pastures of this city are also liked in the whole world and are eaten from great Dhaka and Chao. . Also tea tea boxes are also very popular. Apart from this, farm openings and gardens located in suburban areas are also a great source of fresh fruit and kind of vegetable, which provides local needs very easily.

The city of Sacrifice, Setenil, is originally built on the style of an ancient cottage and safe Spanish city, the city was inspired by the style of ancient Spanish city Rio Trejo, which was situated on a high mountainous hill and there This city also oversees the entire area below and also tells the whole world in a way that I am the guardian and supervisor of the entire region, who is excited to be in my region and peace-loving people. Seeing the people looked at the eyes. It is clear that this ancient city, called Rio Trejo, lies in the northwest of Rwanda. It is actually a strong and secure mountain fort, which is actually a protective fort or surveillance checkpoint here, belonging to the 12th century Almohad era. This place is definitely the first time of the Roman era attack Was captured in the Christian. In an era Setenil was said about this Roman city was the successor or successor of Laccipo.

But later evidence and archaeological evidence proved that Laccipo was actually the city of Malaga Caesar. Near the city and on the other side, there are evidence of population population of those societies who used to make caves at their own place. Residing in the caves, these societies also include the Society called Cueva de la Pileta, which was settled in the ancient times of Rwanda west. In this region, there are signs of population and settlements that human settlements used to occur at least 25,000 years ago. It is also possible that it is found here more recently. But the history shows that in the ancient geographical region, human population continued to continuously, the evidence and evidence of the past populations went on itself.

The research and research here also shows that the Roman name of a city was made of a Roman latin septem nihil which means: seven times nothing. It is said that here the seven times the spies attacked, but the Christians here fought them, and after the seven attacks, the city was occupied. When the spies continued to occupy the city, they finally got victory. In 1484, when the Christian forces pulled the Spanish invaders back from their city, Setenil was eventually rescued. Christian forces captured the castle with the help of a gun armed ammunition in fifteen days, with its ruins still in the past. The narrators are listening with great joy.

Because of the strategic significance of the city named Satanic, the celebration of this victory was celebrated in a full-scale fort and in this regard, the famous historical and folk stories of this period are still heard in this region with great interest. That Isabella I of this castle was pregnant during the same siege, as a memorandum was built in memory of the lost child, which was named Sebastian, but no evidence of this incident in history. Do not get it This city of past-century is still present with its full appreciation and tourists around the globe are working to attract themselves due to their unique style.