Kolkata: After 8 years of friendship in India, a girl cursed her friend, on which the young man responded hungry in front of her house and was admitted to the hospital after the youth’s illness was entered, the girl and her family gone.

Hunger strike in the world is not always successful, but a hunger strike in West Bengal has brought color. The young man is Annna Burman, a girl whose 8-year-old friendship with ‘Lapika’. Then suddenly the girl became annoyed and disconnected all kinds of contacts. Even so, the phone stopped responding, the Wats blocked the app and also relied on the social media with anonymity.

The boy later learned that Lepika’s family is getting married to her somewhere else. The time was short and she could have lost her beloved forever. After that, young sunshine went to the girl’s house located in the clock and wrote on a protest banner with her hand, “Return my 8 years’ and then she sat on hunger strike.

People passing around started taking notice of young men and also posted their story on social media. More recently, more people were gathered in support of her, but Lepika’s husband brought the police and forced Anton Berman to get there.

But the thirsty eye did not remove from there and did not eat anything. Then his health worsened and he was taken to the hospital. But there she refused to eat anything. Then the residents requested Lepika’s family that such a person might have died. After all, the girl’s family arrived there and canceled the proposed marriage immediately, both of them were married to the Kuala Lumpur temple, and the girl was discontinued.