San Francisco: A famous US American pizza brand has announced that you can get free pizza at the store, but the condition is that you will not use smartphones and tablets throughout the process of food.

Craig Pizza Company is located in Friesun, California, which has been announced ‘Talk to Each Other Discount’, ‘Talk to each other’. To take advantage of this offer, you will be able to keep the restaurant locker as soon as you enter the store, and you will get the phone back after the food is over.

According to the restaurant, she will give four such friends to Lord Pizza, who will come to the store with her running smartphone and if she wants to give something instead of this pizza, help unemployed or displaced persons who are fresno Are available in the town.
The company has said on its Facebook states that our goal is to talk to friends at home while eating and not eating smartphones. ‘If you want free pizza to be given, you will have to come back at least once (at least 24 hours) after going to the restaurant. And if you want, Pizza can donate to a poor if you have a smartphone condition.

Pizza restaurant co-owner Vrinder Milhi said that they do not see the phone again and now they want their clients to pay pizza carefully and do not use frequent smartphones.