Marks & Spencer have revealed their take on an inclusive sandwich by adding in guacamole to help spell out the acronym LGBT – Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon and Tomato.

The supermarket are facing accusations of exploiting LGBT community after introducing the “gay sandwich” to help celebrate Pride.

The sandwich, sold in a rainbow-coloured box, similar to the pride flag, is bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with added guacamole, marketed as an LGBT.

An M&S spokesman said: “M&S Food is celebrating Pride season this year and has launched a special limited-edition LGBTQ+ sandwich.”

The supermarket said that to celebrate Pride they were donating £10,000 to akt the national LGBTQ+ Youth Homelessness charity.

While some people were pleased at the new snack, others felt it was making a mockery of LGBT people.

One Twitter user said: “I don’t like comparing my sexual preference to a sandwich.” While others didn’t seem to mind.