This photo contains a wide range of wire and foam connected to Oscar Satellite, which will help us to clean up the waste in space. Photo: Courtesy of the Renaissance Polytechnic Institute

New York: An institute located in New York, has planned a small satellite project that will effectively work for the purpose of handling the kitchens in space. The entire system is named OSCaR, which means ‘Obclast Space Craft Capture and Remover’.

The Renaissance Polytechnic Institute, located in New York, has been performing rapidly on the system, which is a project of small-screen satellite (cube sets) in which every satellite’s size is 10 cubic cm. One unit will have fuel and propulsion system, the data, G.P.S and the contact system will be placed in the second, while the third will have four number gun gun tubes connected to the wires.

Under the project, many Oscar satellites will be sent into the orbit through a spacecraft and they will be dropped in the crashed instructors. Now, you will be able to move satellite under your own convenience or ground instructions. In the next phase, thermal, optical and radar will increase through satellite imaging to satellite target. Then the third satellite wire will tie down and try to control the space trench. In this way, in this mission, it will catch four pieces of space trash.
The last and final stage will be very important, in which the pitch along the satellite net will take the pitch into the ground floor, and they will be burnt with aerial friction. Professor Chris Anderson, professor of project, says that in the event of success, the army of Oscar satellite will rotate thousands of pieces of crude pieces out of space, rotating into space missions.

Clearly, in the past half century, spacemasters have taken a rocket exploding, satellite destruction and a neutral satellite satellite. This crushing is divided into more pieces by dissolving, and so on some earthquakes have come out of the trash.