Utah: Yesterday, Philips were being used vertically throughout the world. But now after touch smartphone their importance is over and it has become the item in the museum.

Frontiercommunication of a US firm on the 30th anniversary of the world’s first flip-anniversary has announced that if someone closes his modern smartphone for a week and uses a flip-handed phone, it can be worth $ 10,000 . In this case, he has to keep a record of simple matters of sending email and SMS, he has to tell about his sleep, and if work and performance increase in that week a week, we need to know about it.

The company has written in its press releases that we are looking for a mutual person to use the Philip for the whole day and we want to see how it is. How do you sleep Where is your performance low and where? And how do you feel
In case of multiple participants a lucky person will be given $ 1000. The award-winning person will also be given a bourgeoisie bag which will be used for some missing features of the Philip phone. Instead of GP Navigator, some popular CDs of old paper maps, pocket phone book, notepad, pan and 1990s will be given.

By now, 30,000 people have been registered for this challenge and will be announced on July 7.