Mukesh Ambani, the richest man of India, bought the toys in the world, the oldest and well-known British company, “Hamilies”.

Hamiliesco was founded in the year 1760 and now it has 167 stores in 18 countries worldwide. Ambani’s company Reliance brands Limited had 88 stores in Hamilies in 29 cities of India and now one of the leading industrialists has acquired ownership.

Hamilies’s purchase report was given in a statement issued by Mukesh Ambani, according to the statement, Hamilies’ trader was dealt with Chinese company Canner, who bought Hamilies from 40 million pounds from a French company in 2015. Was it

Mukesh Ambani is the fourth owner of Alleys. The purchase of Hamilies is based on dream interpretation for us by Dharshan Mahta, head of the Delineation brands.

However, it is not clear how many relays have I bought for Hamilies, but the information is that Missions Ambana paid more than $ 650 million for this deal.

This famous company of toys had raised a loss of £ 92 million last year, the company closed 2 out of 4 outlets opened in the UK. In 1881, the Hamilies store, which runs London’s Regent Street, is considered to be the city’s leading businessman.

Remember that India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani’s wealth is more than $ 50 billion, according to the list released from the US journal Forbes