Jet aircraft training flights will be done in the city. Photos: File

Jakarta: Indonesian air force has decided to use planetary jute-fighter aircraft to curb civilians in a panic.

According to the International News Agency, Indonesia’s Air Force has decided to adopt a unique way to revolve its citizens in the month of Ramadan, Indonesia Air Force will fly a jet jitter-fighter jet jet at the time of its voice. The citizens will rise.

In a message on social networking website, Indonesia’s airline announced that this time Pilate training courses will be held at the time of the festival, and training flights will surround all major cities, for citizens to visit The tradition of lifting will also remain.

It is clear that various types of ways are used to seduce the fasting people around the world, in which the house is destroyed by door, bypassing the road in the street or by turning on the axis and turning the syrup to the citizens. However, the use of jet-fighter planets is unique and unique for awareness in the region.