US President Donald Trump has warned China President Shi Jiang and his other Chinese friends, that their country would have ‘worst loss’ if they do not agree on the trade agreement.

After the failure of the Donald Trump to be a trade agreement between the two countries, Social Contact’s Wave Site threatened China in its statement in Twitter.

In his statement, he said that President Shi Jiang and his friends in China are openly open that if you do not make the agreement, then China will be a major loss because companies leave China and go to other countries. Will be forced .

Trump addressed China and added, ‘You had a good deal which was almost complete but you got back.’

It is believed that the Trump Administration has increased the tariff of $ 200 billion on Chinese imports, which has been convinced that China has devastated the promises made in the early months of the month.

The Trump clarified that tariffs on Chinese goods will not make any difference to US consumers.

“There is no reason for tariff payment to US consumers,” he said.

White House economic advisor Larry Kadlo believes that US consumers and businessmen will have to pay tariffs and both sides will pay.

On the other hand, companies are waiting for Chinese response after the announcement of the Trump.

An industrial group, Jack Parker, Vice President of the US-China Business Council, said that before taking any further step, authorities are examining the potential impact on China’s economy.

Authorities may be worried that due to ‘aggressive responses’ companies, they can move their operations out of China.

It is clear that Washington had been accused of trying to withdraw from Beijing’s earlier promises, after which the recent talks on Friday ended without any progress.

China Chief Ambassador, Deputy Prime Minister Liu told the official TV that outstanding matters were to be done with the principles and ‘we will not make any exception on the matters of the principle’.