• Google keeps a log of everywhere you go if you use Google apps and services on your phone.
  • It has a creepy level of detail that might surprise you.
  • Google makes it easy to find this information and limit how it can track you, though. Here’s how to do that.

Google knows a lot about you and, if you use Google Maps or other Google apps, it keeps a copy of you everywhere. I recently performed Google’s “Privacy Test”, which I know about me to know a bit about it, and it was amazing to speculate that it was at my exact locations.

I picked up a random date: April 16, 2019 9. I know where I went, I took Intatate 95 to our office in North York and I reached 7:58. It was known at 1:02. I arrived in Jersey City and took a train before Manhattan arrived at the New York Stock Exchange at 4:38 pm. And I have a copy of the pictures everywhere.

It’s a strange level of detail.

Google says it uses Location History “where you go with your signed-in devices, its private maps are made even when you are not using specific Google services.” It also says that “the map just looks for you.” It says, “provides a better way to map searches and rooms, as well as removing your locations and helping you get the way to which you’ve traveled.”

I do not care about this information. I know the streets that reached the streets on April 16, and I could not see that Google would store it, even if it’s just for my use. I never know who might be able to access this data, even if Google promised this private.

You can prevent Google from saving your location history and delete it that it has already stored. How is it here

How to stop Google from tracking your location history

First of all, go to myaccount.google.com/privacycheckup. This is a good page for bookmarks, because it gives you control over many privacy settings.
Next, scroll down to “Location History” and “Manage Location History.” Choose
This is the place you will see everywhere. It’s a strange level of detail.
Tap “Manage Location History” at the bottom of the screen again.
Toggle the button to turn on Location History.
To finish your date, do so:

Tap the Settings button on the “Location History” map.
Select “Delete all Location History.”

That’s not it, though.

Google will continue tracking your location unless you also turn off a separate “Web & App Activity” tracker. Google says it tracks your location from apps to provide “better recommendations, and more personalized experiences in Maps, Search, and other Google services.”