Searching for food, but the window of fish was broken and broke inside. Photos: Twitter

Florida: The United States broke the kitchen window and got 11 feet long, but the fish was caught after a 2-hour drive in the joint operation of 2 rescue and 10 police personnel.

According to the International News Agency, the United States of America broke hunger window in a 11-foot tall, but only a woman living alone in search of fish was hungry.

But the fish cried everything out of the kitchen and due to lack of food, she moved to the housewife playing at the computer while playing.

Fortunately, the housewife but the presence of the fish soon came to know, and they arrested themselves in the bedroom and called the police, 2 and 10 of the Animal Protection Department participated in the joint operation.

Generally there are crocodiles in the canals, but for a few days, they are also entering fish areas, even after 9/11, but the fish was seen entering a house.