Many major cities, including Bangkok, are flooding with the burden of the Flick-shaft buildings, the World Economic Forum has issued an alarming report.

The use of natural resources has hollow the ground, Thailand’s capital seemed to be slowly shaken by the burden of Bangkok buildings, according to experts, this city can sink completely in 15 years.

Concerning the report of the World Economic Forum, it has been said that large industries have used Bangkok’s underground water very uninterrupted.

It is not only limited to Bangkok, there are 7 other cities which are sinking, Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, is headquartered, the government is planning alternative alternative cities, half of the city has already been underway.

The city of Philippines is the second in the city affected by climate change, China’s city is included in Shanghai-affected cities, Nigeria’s city Lagos is in constant flood.

According to the report, Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka is also under the rain and storm, Drilling for oil and gas in the US city of Houston ruined the situation of the earth.

Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh river is also along the river, it is also included in drowning cities. The sea level is rising due to global climate change, cities with big beaches and big buildings are in danger.